The a Team was initiated in 2013 by two founders: Tengku Arshyaly Faith, and Naomi Peritz who have long worked in the fashion industry. 
It was originally formed out of the desire to create a creative team consisting of young independent people with strong unique personalities with a twist of elegance rebellion that fits modern day fashion.

The identity is the most important value of each talent and models; The a Team develops and strengthens the characteristic of each individual.

Diversity is within us, and The a Team values the differences. Along with its growth The a Team has been developed into a more than a one-stop photography service team that includes: photographer, fashion stylist, and makeup artist.

The a Team also answers to an emerging fashion necessity: Visual Branding.

The a Team presents to offer the other-side of the fashion industry that has been remained stable in Indonesia.

The a Team’s goal within the fast-paced fashion world is not only be able to follow the trend, but we also exist to offer a breath of fresh air, elevating new ideas into new concept.